On the Dot

Sarah L. - Alarm clockSarah L. received this alarm clock as a gift for her First Communion in 1994. When she received it from the bank her mother works at, she was incredibly proud to have been given a bigger present than all the other children. These days, when Sarah has an important event to get to, she will set it in addition to her mobile phone’s alarm. It once saved her sister from being late for a flight back home.

Sarah grew up in a little village near Bad Brückenau, a spa town in southern Germany. She lived in Berlin for seven years prior to coming to Wales with the EU Leonardo Programme. The alarm clock has travelled around the world with her and is one of the few objects that Sarah kept throughout the years.

Sarah now works in London and very much appreciates the British politeness and respect she encounters at the workplace. Working in the travel and hospitality industry, she believes the UK offers her greater opportunities for developing her career due to a more flexible labour market. Yet, she remains typically German in some ways, appreciating punctuality. She admits: ‘It’s a bit of a stereotype, but I do value being on time’. Her alarm clock functions not only as a useful tool but is also a reminder of cultural preferences, values, and differences.

Object Details

  • Year Received: 1994
  • Producer: Unkown
  • Place of Production: Japan
  • Material: Plastic, Quartz clock work
  • Size:  5 cm x 5 cm
  • Colour: Black; Logo of Volksbank on the clock face